Fleet Management 2012
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  • Welcome to Fleet Management, an independent monthly report researched and written for professional vehicle fleet managers operating in the United States and Canada. Now in our 36th year, editorial content includes:

  • Fleet Policy Development
  • Operating Benchmarks
  • Vehicle Selection and Acquisition
  • Vehicle Disposal Strategies and Residual Value
  • Latest Vehicle Safety and Recall Information
  • Fleet Industry News Summaries and Interviews
  • Government Legislation and Fleet Regulations
  • Alternative Fuels and AFV Program Development
  • Fixed and Operating Costs for Passenger Cars,
       Light Trucks and SUVs
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    Latest Feature Articles

    December 2014: Don’t Get Too Comfortable With Temporarily Low Gas Prices
    November 2014: IIHS: Cellphones and Texting Not the Only Driver Distractions
    October 2014: Fleet Manager Pay Going Nowhere
    August 2014: Fleet Repair Shop Survey 2014: Pay, Workload, PM Intervals
    July 2014: Long Road to Gasoline-Free Cars
    June 2014: Fleet Vehicle Operating Costs Rise at Slowest Rate in 8 Years
    May 2014: Higher Gas and Diesel Tax is Inevitable
    April 2014: Rear View Cameras Better Than Motion Sensors; Both Have Flaws
    March 2014: How to Drive During a Sudden Loss of Engine Power
    February 2014: Leaving “Fleet” to the Experts
    January 2014: 20 Years Later--Limited AFV and EV Options for Most Fleets
    December 2013: Drivers Ponder Self-Driving Cars
    November 2013: Vehicle Service Life, Residual Trends and Disposal Strategies
    October 2013: 2013 Fleet Manager Salary Survey
    September 2013: Fleet Staff Howl About Tech Pay
    August 2013: Annual Survey--Fleet Mechanic Pay, Workload, PM Intervals
    July 2013: Voice-Activated Distracted Driving
    June 2013: Vehicle Operating Costs Rise 3.1% in Latest Annual Survey
    April 2013: Fleet Budget Cuts Continue to Squeeze AFV and EV Acquisitions
    March 2013: V2V Promises Huge Car Safety Gains

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